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Roof Snow Removal Burnsville, Bloomington, Lakeville | Ice Dam Removal MN

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Roof Snow Removal Burnsville, Bloomington, Lakeville MN- “ Ice Dam Removal – Roofing Contractors, Master 1 Exteriors Company has been removing roof snow and Roof ice removal throughout Minnesota for over 25 years. We are a Licensed and Insured Minnesota Roofing company so we know how delicate it is to remove an ice dam.

 We use Low Pressure steam to remove roof ice damings and special shovels for Roof Snow Clearing, Causes of ice dams is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow (ice dam water) from draining off the roof. The water that backs up behind the dam can leak into a home and cause damage to walls, ceilings, insulation, and other areas. This may cause mold issues! Since most ice dams form at the edge of the roof, there is obviously a heat source warming the roof elsewhere. This heat is primarily coming from the house. Ice dams are caused by a perfect scenario of snow and temperature changes. Some years you may experience ice dams and some you may not. Ice dams cannot be caused by having your roof re-shingled. Master 1 Exteriors is a MINNESOTA BUILDING CONTRACTOR. If you have an ice dam problem or need rooftop snow removal call: Master 1 Exteriors at our – 24 HOUR EMERGENCY HOT-LINE: (763) 237-4318

Master Remodeling Company | Minneapolis Window Contractors Mn

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Master 1 Exteriors Inc. is a family owned and operated custom Minnnesota remodeling company serving the minneapolis metropolitan area. With our “family” having over 115 years combined experience; we truly are window, door, siding, roofing, replacement specialists.

Customer Satisfaction

Minneapolis metropolitan and surrounding areas have trusted us with their dreams. We’ve responded by remodeling homes in a manner that has made our name synonymous with the words “quality” and “professional”. Our business approach is simple and direct, with one goal – the satisfied customer. Our pledge to our customers is that we’ll do our best to assure that the project will proceed in an orderly and skillful manner, and the finished product will be of the highest quality and a good, solid value.

Superior Products

To make certain our clients dreams become a reality, we custom order specific products for our clients after our design teams thoroughly review the client’s needs and desires. Master 1 Exteriors offers over 20 different manufacturers for wood and vinyl windows and doors. Additionally, we also offer vinyl, steel, and James Hardie fiber cement siding replacement.

We specialize in removing your old, worn out windows, doors and siding and replacing them with only the best products in the industry. Master 1 Exteriors proudly offers the following products:


With over 20 different brands of windows, we can provide:

  • Replacement wood windows
  • Replacement vinyl windows
  • Bay windows
  • Bow windows
  • Garden windows
  • Casement windows
  • Double hung windows

Brands include Pella, Andersen, Thermatru, Marvin, Jeld-Wen, and Simpson. We provide:

  • Entry doors
  • French doors
  • Sliding patio doors

Our exceptional siding includes Alside, Certainteed, Alcoa, and James Hardie. We provide:

  • Vinyl siding
  • Steel siding
  • James Hardie fiber cement siding


Replacement Windows, Minnesota Style

When you work with us at Master 1 Exteriors, the first step in our design process is to sit down and talk to you. As a Minnesota window contractor, we provide a no pressure, informative first meeting to learn about your desires and your vision for your home. Only after that do we begin to prepare an estimate, using our years of experience with windows and construction to determine your needs, whether it be wood windows, new patio door or vinyl siding. Minnesota homes face a tough environment, but we have the experience to determine the right materials for your needs. We are proud to be a fully certified and highly experienced Minnesota vinyl siding contractor in addition to our certifications as a window contractor.

Once we have developed a complete and thorough estimate, including labor and materials, we present that estimate to you. We are committed to keeping our customers informed, and will happily answer any questions you have about our siding or replacement windows. Minnesota homes have an aesthetic beauty all their own, and we understand your desire to be involved in maintaining that beauty. That’s why we work with you every step of the way. From the moment you first call to the final completion by our installation specialists of your doors and windows, Minneapolis based Master 1 Exteriors Remodeling, will make your remodeling experience a pleasurable one, making your home more beautiful and energy efficient.

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

6 Reasons Why Should You Replace Your Windows People replace their windows for many reasons. If you find yourself always complaining about cold drafts, or heat that’s coming from in and around your windows, you probably already know that your windows should be replaced. Windows 10 years old or more should be replaced to improve comfort levels and to maximize energy savings. Remember, new construction is rarely a guarantee that your windows are energy efficient. In most cases, builders use low grade materials to lower costs, which results in poor quality and poor efficiency. In addition to saving dramatically on energy costs and enjoying comfortable temperatures, you can dramatically alter the exterior appearance of your home without major construction. You can set your home apart from similar looking homes in your neighborhood by choosing from a wide variety of brands, styles and colors. Did You Know Your Windows Suck Energy Out Of Your Home? Did you know that the single largest source of energy loss in a home is its windows? Moreover, older homes with standard windows typically have higher-than-normal energy bills – in part because of doors and windows that seal poorly or offer no insulation. Energy exits the windows in three different scenarios; infiltration, conduction, and radiation. Infiltration occurs when cold air leaks into your house through your windows, making your home feel drafty and uncomfortable. As cold air is coming in through the leaks, and warm air is escaping through other leaks, the biggest leaks for escaping air are often found in the windows, entry doors, the attic, and recessed lights. Does this sound like your home? Conduction occurs when Mother Nature is heating and cooling the glass from the outside, while your home is trying to do it from the inside. Guess who wins? An example of Mother Nature winning the conduction game is icicles forming around the edge of the window. It’s no accident that heating and cooling vents are placed in front of windows. Radiation is just what it means. Like a car’s radiator, your windows, will radiate your heating or cooling dollars right out the window. From 2004 to 2008, the price of natural gas tripled. We all know that it will never go down. So it’s a safe bet that replacing your windows is a sure investment. You can expect to save from 30% to 50% on your energy bills when replacing your windows. Now, what makes windows energy efficient and saves you a ton of money on your energy bills? You might be surprised to learn that multi-pane glass is no longer the main measure of efficiency. New advanced technologies and designs have dramatically improved the performance of most energy efficient windows. Glass coatings, gas fills, warm edge spacer technology (which eliminates the icicles around the edge of the inside glass), and improved framing materials enable replacement windows to deliver more benefits than just simple double pane windows. Bottom Line – Be sure to purchase energy efficient windows that will pay for themselves over time. Look for the Energy Star Rating. Eliminating The Need To Paint With Vinyl Windows Are “maintenance-free” windows really maintenance-free? In the world of windows, many of us are familiar with the outlandish sales talk and advertising claims that we hear and see in the media everyday. They all tell us that replacement windows will save us money on energy and maintenance. They all tell us that our home will be more comfortable and cozy. They also tell us that our home will be more valuable. So what is the real truth about replacement windows being maintenance free? Most thermal replacement windows are made of wood, vinyl, or a combination of the two. Vinyl windows require no painting inside or out, therefore eliminating the need to paint windows. By switching to maintenance free vinyl windows, you could save on your painting bills up to 50%. The truth is that vinyl windows still have to be cleaned, so they are not completely maintenance free. This exposes another issue that most replacement window dealers don’t tell you or want you to know. Bottom Line – Replacing your windows with new vinyl windows delivers large savings in maintenance costs and convenience, because newer windows don’t require the maintenance and upkeep of older wood or aluminum windows. Windows Don’t Have To Be Drafty… Shocker! When you get right down to it—new windows offer more than just saving money on your energy bills. Out of 1000 people surveyed from the Consumer Energy Alliance, 67% of the respondents said that HOME COMFORT was most important. Let’s face it—you want your house to be comfortable. Don’t you? On cold winter nights, do you avoid chairs near the window? Do drafts chase you from room to room? When temperatures drop to the single digits, even tightly sealed double pane windows can still make you shiver. The cold, inside surface of an inefficient window pulls heat away from your body, so you’re still cold if you’re close to a window, unless you have the thermostat turned way up. With the proper replacement windows, the inside window glass stays warmer, so you can relax in your favorite window seat, even when the temperatures drop below freezing. In the hot summer months, do your windows seem like giant heat lamps? Do you find yourself, closing all of the blinds, turning off all of the lights—trying to keep your air conditioning unit from running 24/7? A typical doublepaned, clear glass window allows approximately 60% of the sun’s heat into your home. That’s almost as much as a single pane window. New thermal replacement windows will only transmit 30 % of the sun’s heat without noticeably reducing any light coming into your home. (Information is based on NFRC solar heat gain coefficients.) Bottom Line – No matter if you’re battling the freezing cold or the dog days of summer, you can relax and be comfortable yearround if you replace your old windows with new vinyl energy efficient windows. Clean Your Windows Without Going Outside Parts of our state are exposed to tough environmental conditions, such as areas of heavy industry, areas in wide open spaces, or neighborhoods with a large number of trees. Airborne particles are very common in these environments and stick to windows. That means frequent washing. Thankfully, there are now windows on the market that ease that cleaning process. Many double-hung windows feature tilt-in sash designs that allow the exterior glass to be cleaned from the inside. This is one feature that has made the double-hung window, one of the most widely chosen windows in the home improvement industry. Bottom Line – If one of the most important factors for you replacing your windows is the ease of cleaning, then choosing the double-hung window with the tilt-in sash feature will accomplish this for you. Add Value To Home… Inside And Out A recent national research study examined the cost of replacement windows in an average-sized home. They looked at how much the windows would add to a home’s value if sold a year later. This 2005 research study conducted by Remodeling Magazine (a Hanley-Wood, LLC trade publication) utilized professional opinions of over 200 real estate agents and determined that new windows will add 125% of their cost to the value of their home. The benefits start immediately when you replace your windows. From enhancing your home’s interior to adding to its curb appeal, new windows transform a home from ordinary to outstanding. What’s more, they provide one of the best returns on investment of any home improvement project. You should never buy windows that are not backed by a full Lifetime Guarantee on the frame, sash, moving parts and performance of the window. Read all guarantees carefully. What the large print gives, the fine print takes away. Bottom Line – Carefully chosen, few investments can add more value to a home than new windows. Replacement windows add value from every perspective. Read the fine print carefully to determine the best value. Don’t Wait Until A Fire To Discover Your Windows Are Sealed Shut Every day you whisper a promise to your child, “I’ll always love you and keep you safe”. As you know, keeping your home and children safe requires more than promises. It can only be done with safety awareness, emergency planning and preventive action. Fires and falls of all kinds are among the leading causes of injury and death in young children. While some falls occur from windows, it’s important to realize that in a fire, a window can save a child’s life – if the window can be easily opened from the inside. That is why windows play a critical role in home safety. Fire is frightening. All too often, the bodies of young children are found after a fire in places where they tried to hide. Teach your children that they can’t hide from fire; they must escape it. Windows provide one of the fastest, easiest ways out of a burning home. Decide on at least two emergency escape routes from your home. Teach children how to safely escape through windows and take time to practice. Every family member should know how to operate the windows used for fire emergencies. Delays in escaping from a fire, cost lives and increase injuries. Often paint, dirt, or weathering can seal a window shut. Make sure your windows open easily from the inside and are not blocked by furniture or other objects. Remember that security bars, grilles, grates and window guards not only keep intruders out; they can also lock you in. Everyone should always be able to get out through a window without using tools, keys, special knowledge or effort. Another important point to research is the amount of egress, or space that you would have to escape through a window. Windows with a block and tackle balance system will give you maximum egress versus constant force and spiral balance systems. You also get more space to escape through a window if the sash (the framed glass panel) can be tilted, removed, or opened quickly. Bottom Line – Replacement windows can provide added safety to your family and your home.

Master 1 Exteriors Window Replacement Installation Process in Minnesota

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

The Installation Process

The installation of new replacement windows is just as important as the quality of the window itself. Even with a quality product, an improper installation could result in building code violations, air infiltration, and more importantly, water infiltration that could damage the structure of your home.

  • Your team

    Your installation experience with Master 1 Exteriors  begins with the installation team. Each team is lead by our own  Certified Installer. When we arrive at your home, we’ll begin with a walk-through with the owners to explain what we will be doing and to determine if there is any special needs of the owner’s property and belongings. We take great care in protecting the home owner’s property during the installation process.

    Master 1 Exteriors doesn’t want to just “replace the windows”. Our goal is to “provide a superior replacement window experience”. That means minimal disruption to home owners, while leaving their home as clean, if not cleaner, than when we began the project.

  • Installation

    All windows will be installed using strict guidelines set forth by our Installation Manager and only manufacturer recommended caulk, insulation and trim is used; the best money can buy.

  • Lead safety

    During installation, your home will be visited by one of our inspectors. Every inspector is trained and certified with the EPA. Their job is to inspect the quality of the installation, the safety of the job site and to assure the customer’s property is treated with respect. This also ensures that Master 1 Exteriors Windows always complies with the EPA’s new regulations for the handling of Lead paint. All Master 1 Exteriors installers have EPA training and are certified to handle lead paint installation on houses built before 1978.

  • Quality inspection

    When installation is complete, we take the customer on a final walk-through to assure they are completely satisfied. The job site is thoroughly cleaned and before we leave, our crew will clean your windows.

  • Lifetime warranty

    Master 1 Exteriors Windows come with a no worry “Lifetime Plus” warranty. Everything about your new windows—the frame, the sash, the seals, the screens, even the glass—is guaranteed to meet your highest expectations. And the warranty is transferable to the next homeowner if you decide to sell!

    Master 1 Exteriors Windows also come with a Service Warranty which guarantees that you will never pay for a part or service as long as you own your home.

  • Master Window Replacement Contractors | Coon Rapids Window Contractor MN

    Sunday, December 5th, 2010

                         Master Window Replacement Services in Coon Rapids, Anoka, Blaine,

                                                 Ham Lake, and Fridley Minnesota 

    We offer high quality, energy efficient replacement windows, siding and doors from leading american manufacturers in the Minneapolis, St Paul metro and Greater Minnesota area. We hope you will find our website informative and we will be very happy to talk to you personally over the phone or at your home about any questions you might have in regard to our products.

    With low maintenance quality products, backed by excellent customer service, our business has realized great success. However, we are continually setting new standards for quality, value and customer service to insure that we remain at the peak of our industry. We go the distance to ensure your experience with Master 1 Exteriors is a pleasurable one. From the initial purchase, installation and years later, you will find us ready and willing to serve you.

    Because we custom manufacture our vinyl replacement windows, doors and siding, we are able to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship available, just ask any of our customers. Master 1 Exteriors customers receive quality products backed by unsurpassed customer service and powerful lifetime warranties on labor as well as products. We are committed to serve YOU.

    We sincerely hope that you allow Master 1 Exteriors the honor of doing business with you. Thank you for your interest with us. Call 763-237-4318 or fill out the form for a free in home consultation.

    Replacement windows

    The average life of a business in America is just over 10 years, which is why the company that makes your window is just as important as the window itself. We work only with the most established and stable window manufacturers. Our manufacturer’s proven track record of success in both good and bad economic times ensures that your window will be warranteed for a lifetime.alside3d-164x300 Master Window Replacement Contractors | Coon Rapids Window Contractor MN


    Founded in 1947, Alside is a leading manufacturer of vinyl windows and patio doors for the residential and commercial remodeling and new construction markets. With headquarters in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Alside has nearly 3000 employees in its seven manufacturing facilities. Alside products are distributed to licensed professional remodeling contractors and home builders through our network of over 90 Alside Supply Centers.

    Alside is a recognized leader in the home improvement industry, and is a charter member of the Vinyl Siding Institute, the American Association of Architects, the National Association of Home Builders, and the National Association of the Remodeling Industryexcalibur_logo2 Master Window Replacement Contractors | Coon Rapids Window Contractor MNultramaxx_logo Master Window Replacement Contractors | Coon Rapids Window Contractor MN.Energy-Tax-Credit1500master1exteriors_1 Master Window Replacement Contractors | Coon Rapids Window Contractor MNexcalibur-replacement-window Master Window Replacement Contractors | Coon Rapids Window Contractor MN

    Roof Snow Removal Contractors Minneapolis | Roofing Contractors Mn

    Saturday, December 4th, 2010


    Roof Snow Removal Contractors Minneapolis- “Minneapolis Ice Dam Removal- Roofing Contractors”-”Minneapolis Roofing Snow Removal Services”, Master 1 Exteriors Company has beenminnesota-ice-dam-removal Roof Snow Removal Contractors Minneapolis | Roofing Contractors Mn removing roof snow and Roof ice removal throughout Minnesota for over 25 years. We are a Licensed and Insured  Minnesota Roofing company so we know how delicate it is to remove an ice dam. 
    We use Low Pressure steam to remove roof ice damings and special shovels for Roof Snow Clearing, Causes of ice dams is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow (ice dam water) from draining off the roof. The water that backs up behind the dam can leak into a home and cause damage to walls, ceilings, insulation, and other areas. This may cause mold issues!
    Since most ice dams form at the edge of the roof, there is obviously a heat source warming the roof elsewhere. This heat is primarily coming from the house. Ice dams are caused by a perfect scenario of snow and temperature changes. Some years you may experience ice dams and some you may not. Ice dams cannot be caused by having your roof re-shingled. Master 1 Exteriors  is a MINNESOTA  BUILDING CONTRACTOR.
                      If you have an ice dam problem or need rooftop snow removal call:
                     Master 1 Exteriors at our – 24 HOUR EMERGENCY HOT-LINE: (763) 237-4318
    master-1-logo Roof Snow Removal Contractors Minneapolis | Roofing Contractors Mn

    Minneapolis, St Paul, Rochester | Window Replacement Contractors MN

    Thursday, December 2nd, 2010
    New Windows, Replacement Windows, Vinyl Windows and Impact Resistant
    Windows in Minneapolis, St Paul, Rochester, St Cloud, Brainerd and Greater Minnesota,  call
    Master 1 Exteriors. today.  We’re open 7 days a week.

    With so many choices for windows in the Minneapolis area,  the hardest part of buying
    replacement windows

    is deciding on the best type for your home. Unless you are handy with
    that sort of thing yourself, it is well worth your time to have a professional window installer take
    a look at your home.

    Master 1 Exteriors can tell you what type of windows would workliving_room_window1-300x225 Minneapolis, St Paul, Rochester | Window Replacement Contractors MN
    best for your type of home.  Furthermore, the professionals
    from Master 1 Exteriors will be able to visualize and illustrate
    stunning possibilities that will make your home look like
    new. They will also be able to tell you which windows will
    perform best for you.  Vinyl Windows may be a good choice
    for some, whereas others may fare better with Aluminum.
    By replacing your windows, not only do you increase the
    value in your home, you can also reduce noise
    lower your heating and cooling bill.  
    Just a few minutes with one of the experts from Master 1 Exteriors
    can help you avoid costly errors and get the best return on
    your investment.  If you’re like most people, your home is
    your largest investment and the professionals from
    Master 1 Exteriors will treat it as if it were their own.


    Master 1 Exteriors specializes in new and replacement windows and installation.  With many years of
    experience in the industry, our knowledge of the many
    types and styles of windows
    extensive.  We will happily provide a free design consultation and help you choose the perfect
    windows for your home.  Whether you prefer
    Vinyl, Aluminum, Impact Resistant,
    Simonton, PGT
    or Pella, we can assist you.  Once you’ve decided on the style and type of windows,
    we will
    install them for you.  But it doesn’t end there because all of our products and services are
    100% satisfaction guaranteed.  Call Master 1 Exteriors today or
    click on Schedule a free consultation at right
    to contact us via the
    website.  Or Call us at: 763-237-4318
    Exterior doors, Sliding Glass Doors and French doors
    , Karoly, LLC., carries them all.  From
    Simonton to Therma Tru, we have a door that is perfect for your home.  We offer sales and
    installation throughout all of Tampa Bay.
    Sunrooms, Glass Sunrooms
    Master 1 Exteriors offers the best built and best installed Glass Sunrooms
    in the business. All
    additions are built to the exact specifications of our customer’s request from the ground up.
    Sunrooms, we also offer Patio Rooms, Pool Enclosures
    and screen Rooms.Soffit and Fascia
    Soffit and fascia are vital elements of a home’s overall appearance and structural integrity.

    Soffit and Fascia

    Vinyl Siding
    Vinyl siding was first introduced to the exterior cladding market in the early 1960s and steadily
    grew in popularity over the next four decades because of its durability, versatility and ease of
    vinyl siding

    is available in a broad palette of colors to compliment any home.
    add the perfect finishing touch while providing essential ventilation to help
    prevent roof structure and rafter decay. Available in vinyl, aluminum and numerous colors to
    make the most of your siding projects.
    Call Master 1 Exteriors., today for a Free Estimate on any of our products or services or click here on right to
    request an estimate via the website.

    Master Replacement Window Companies | Minneapolis Window Contractor MN

    Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

    Replacement Windows In Minneapolis, MN


    It seems every day you open the newspaper, there is more bad news as to increasing energy costs in the U.S., and it is forecasted to get much worse inliving_room_window1-300x225 Master Replacement Window Companies | Minneapolis Window Contractor MN the very near future. Master 1 Exteriors has the solution to immediately save you a substantial amount of money on your energy bills. For years, Master 1 Exteriors has been proud to offer Minneapolis homeowners quality energy saving windows and professional installation. Our constant attention to quality and detail has allowed us to become the leader in energy efficient replacement windows in the Minneapolis metro area.
    Replacement windows actually pay for themselves through noticeable energy savings. They dramatically improve the appeal and value of your home both inside & out while providing more comfort: warmer winters and cooler summers-significantly. Your new windows will be energy efficient, add value to your Minneapolis home, and reduce the cost of heating and cooling.


    Looking for an Minneapolis Replacement Window Contractor?

                                           Request a Free Consultation

    Replacement Window Articles

    Energy Efficiency Is The Major Goal Of Replacement Windows – With the high cost of utility bills these days, and the environmentalists lobbying for ways to save energy, the replacement window industry has stepped up to the plate and produced many ways to please everybody involved.
    Lower Your Heating & Cooling Bills With Replacement Windows – The cost of energy is on an uphill slope and will most likely continue to rise for sometime now. For this reason, homeowners are incessantly looking for ways to optimize the energy efficiency of their homes. There are several ways to accomplish this, but one of the most common ways includes installing replacement windows.

    Buying the Right Windows – Selecting windows for your home can be a daunting task. Like any specialized area, window technology is constantly changing and these essential home components can be difficult to understand. Before you make your decision and commit to what will likely be a substantial investment, read on and learn.

    Vinyl Windows Are A Great Option – The windows in your home are your window to the world around you and are very important facets of every home’s look and feel. Your windows allow fresh air in and natural light. You can give your home a makeover simply by replacing the windows while you also add security and value to your home.

    Window Replacement Made Easy – Older homes are often in need of window replacement and though it might not seem like a difficult task, there are a number of things to consider before you decide to purchase a set of windows and have them installed.
                                   Request A Free Online Consultation Online Now Or Call 763-237-4318

    Vinyl Replacement Windows Add Value from Every Perspective to Your Home – The most important part of vinyl replacement windows is critical, that you measuring your old window opening properly and accurately. Vinyl windows are custom built and can’t be returned if they don’t fit. Most are manufactured in 1/4″ increments, and you’ll want to get the closest fit possible.

    Master Roofing St Cloud MN | Roofing Contractor, Companies

    Thursday, November 18th, 2010


    A roof is one of the most critical components of a building’s structure. That’s why Master 1 Exteriors Inc, makes sure that your roof provides effective and cost-efficient protection, while enhancing your building’s appearance and adding value to your property.

    Roofing problems can result from age, wear or storm damage. If left unresolved, they can be harmful to the entire structure and expensive to repair. Replacing or repairing your roof, as soon as roof problems arise, is the key to keeping energy costs low, maintaining a clean and attractive exterior, and avoiding interior damage that could lead to leaks, stains, mold and mildew growth… and even more repairs.

    Relax—Your Roof is from Master 1 Exteriors Inc.

    Master 1 Exteriors Inc is a Master factory certified contractor and uses only top quality products from reputable manufacturers, such as GAF , CertainTeed, and Elk. Plus, we take care of the entire roofing process for you, from permits to tear-off to clean up. We even work with your insurance company if your roof problems are due to storm damage. Best of all, Master 1 Exteriors Inc, offers you an exceptional warranty on workmanship, so you know you’re getting a quality roof that’s going to last.

    From new construction, existing homes, to commercial buildings, Master 1 Exteriors Inc works for you to make sure you’re covered:

    • Commercial Buildings
    • New Construction
    • Existing Homes
    • Associations
    • Apartments/Townhomes

    Roofing Guide: Finding the Right Roof

    Finding the right roof and roofing contractor for your home or business is easy with guidance from the experts at Master 1 Exteriors Inc.

    1. We’ll help you determine what could be causing problems, such as leaks, cracks or missing shingles.

    2. We’ll advise you on the best course of action to take. For example, adding a leak barrier to keep water out of the most vulnerable areas of your roof, or adding attic ventilation to prevent damage from ice dams or excessive heat.

    3. We’ll help you choose a color and type of shingle that best complements the appearance of your home or business.

    4. We’ll install or repair your roof in the timely and thorough manner in which our customers have come to expect from Master 1 Exteriors Inc.

    Remember, your satisfaction is guaranteed with our 10-year workmanship warranty! Our roofing services include hail damage repair, help collecting for hail damage on insurance claims, roofing and roof replacement, roof inspectors, fixing common roof problems, roof insurance claim management, siding replacement and repair, replacement windows and more.

    Contact Master 1 Exteriors Inc. for your FREE estimate and quality roof installation today

    Energy Tax Credit for Replacement Windows MN | Minneapolis companies

    Tuesday, November 16th, 2010


    WindowsSamples Minnesota Replacement Windows  

    Master 1 Exteriors Inc Windows And Doors

    Are Window Qualify for the Energy Tax Credit 2010.

    If you’re looking for a great way to increase the value and beauty of your home while reducing your energy costs, then look no further. We offer and install some of the finest and most energy efficient home remodeling products on the market. Everything from insulated vinyl replacement windows to insulated siding and entry doors from the leading manufacturers in the industry like Therma Tru Doors, Simonton Vinyl Windows, Alside  Windows, Anderson, Pella, Hayfield and many more.

    In addition to great products, we also have a great team of professional installers that not only know how to do the work right, but also know how to show courtesy by performing the job in a cleanly manner and by making sure you understand how to use and maintain your investment. We’ve also made it easier than ever to get what you want through everyday low prices. So contact us today for more information and a FREE Consultation with one of our specialists.